Cameron Schneberger

Web & Digital Media Design

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Birdseye for Blackeye Sweepstakes

Birdseye Frozen Vegetables might not be the first or even the eightieth brand you'd associate with violence and edginess, but I wanted to give frozen peas a new context. This sweepstakes concept gives frozen food fans a chance to win courtside seats to UFC matches in Las Vegas. Eat peas. Get code. Win tickets. The concept includes a website, social media posts, and an email campaign. I believed frozen peas deserved a sense of swagger and grit to elevate them beyond their usually toothless public perception. Peas can be fun and cool, not just healthy.

  • Skills: Website Design, Copywriting, Social Media Concepting
  • Programs: Photoshop, After Effects
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Duotrope is a website that includes a database of thousands of literary journals and tools to help amateur and professional writers alike get published. Despite being such a useful tool, the current website looks about as inviting as a pair of flip-flops made from rusty nails. In this redesign, I wanted to give Duotrope a trendy and trustworthy look that referenced the past and present of writing culture. The confusing world of journal submissions is hectic enough and I did not want to add to it. Balancing a monochromatic color scheme, simple icons, and orange gradients, I wanted to create an interface that was as satisfying as holding a glazed bowl.

  • Skills: Website Design, UX/UI Design, Illustration
  • Programs: XD, Fresco, Photoshop
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Machinery Row Bicycles is Madison's most successful bicycle shop. Located just off the lake loop, the castle-like building is a Madison landmark as well as the most convenient place to get a flat fixed. When creating content for their social media, I focus on what makes them great while mirroring the eccentric voices of the employees and clientele. My content reflects the rich design history of the bicycle industry and sometimes pokes fun at the culture. It's a celebration of a lifestyle that was hit hard by the pandemic, yet keeps on rolling.

  • Skills: Social Media Concepting, Graphic Design, Copywriting
  • Programs: Photoshop, Illustrator, Instagram, Facebook, After Effects


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