Melissa Moua

Visual Communications

Shows and movies allow you to travel to another world and takes you on an adventure away from reality. I want to convey this through my projects and allow others to feel that they can experience a different lifestyle or that they can relate to the characters, no matter how different the story is. Whether it be living a stressful real-life to a non-stressful film-life or a modern period time to living in a fantasy sci-fi film. The stories are endless.

Demo Reel

This is me! I enjoy everything there is to film, from pre-production to post-production. I tend to focus on vibrant happy videos and try to capture candid moments.

"Power Off": Short Film

"Power Off" shows that people rely too much on technology and not appreciating other things that they have. There are lots of things to do if they just turn off their electronics and look up and around them. Spending physical time with someone, rather than online, will create a different bond that you would never forget or regret.

"Words Have Power": PSA

This was a PSA assignment, and I chose cyberbullying. With technology, cyberbullying has become a huge issue that can lead to depression and other mental issues. People should be aware that words do hurt and that it affects them and others. Put yourself in the other person's shoes and know how hurtful your words can be.

Title of Image
"FedEx": Logo Animation

I always enjoy hidden meaning behind logos, so I chose FedEx as it's a recognizable logo that has a little extra element. This was created to animate the logo in a fun way.

Title of Image
"Tiramisu": Typographic Pattern

Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts. Branching off the main subject to the things related to it, I was able to create a pattern that could be used to advertise the dessert.


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