Ben Becs

Visual Communications

Hello, My name is Ben Becs and I've been in love with camera operating since 2015. I started out volunteering for my local cable channel. I knew from the moment I started filming a football game that I wanted to devote my life to this.

Demo Reel

This video is a culmination of 6 years of my work as a camera operator. I started in September of 2015 and I was immediately sure that being a camera operator was what I wanted to do with my life. I have spent these 6 years working and volunteering at numerous productions not only to better my skills, but because I just love being out there filming sports. Because of all the time I have put into camera operating, I felt like I've gotten better at my camera work, understanding of how the camera itself works, and what looks good for television and what doesn't.

  • Skills: Camera Work, Editing
  • Programs: Premiere Pro
Soccer Post Game Interview

In this piece, I conducted a post game interview with one of the Captains of the McFarland Girls Soccer Team. From the interview conducted, to the camera work, and even the motion graphic, I did everything that you can see in this piece. My main goals of this piece was to showcase what it's like to be on a team while also being able to showcase all my different skillsets into one piece.

  • Skills: Photography, Filming, Digital Footage Capture, Scriptwriting, Compositing, Image Editing, Video Editing, Motion Graphics
  • Programs: Premier Pro, After Effects
Point Shoes

Point Shoes are a very important feature in a Ballerina's life and career. From the idea of them being a right of passage, to the trials and tribulation of learning how to use them. The symbolic importance of these shoes itself is a very inspiring thing. They are more than shoes, they are a tool. That idea is what inspires this documentary. Due to the beautiful camera work and precise editing, the viewer immerses themself into what it would be like to be in those dancer's shoes, both emotionally and physically.

  • Skills: Videography, Editing
  • Programs: Premiere Pro


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