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I’m Rob Concklin and I’m sick of burying my friends. Since 2001, the military / veteran community has lost more of its members to suicide than combat. I’m on a mission to fight this tide and give those who struggle a path of hope. Having walked that path myself since leaving the Navy, my goal is to create a series of short videos that teach other veterans photography as a means of processing what they’re going thru. Below, “A Little Less Miserable is Something,” serves as an example of the type of videos this series would be comprised of. This is an ambitious goal, and I am looking for those who would be willing to help. I have dedicated a large portion of my company’s website to explaining the project, the greater vision for the future of art and mental health, as well several specific ways people can help. The link is below.


Three years of hard work and dedication crammed into less than 55 seconds.


When the Commander-in-Chief dismisses Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)—the signature wound of the US war in Iraq andAfghanistan—as mere headaches, “HEADACHES (And a Couple of Other Things)” documents a veteran’s life with a TBI,demonstrating how even a basic task can feel impossible to complete.

"A Little Less Miserable is Something”—a proof of concept

Told from a place of personal experience, A Little Less Miserable is Something shares with viewers my experience with depressionand uses a lesson on the rule of thirds to begin explaining how photography helped me find my path towards healing—and how itcan help them, too. My website, battlelanternproductions.com, is dedicated to explaining the vision of the larger project behind this video: teachingVeterans photography as a means of processing their experiences in the service.


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