Fatimah Alnamer

Graphic Design & Illustration

Hi! I'm Fatimah Alnamer. I came to the U.S at the end of 2016, and since then I grow to be who I'm today. A devoted mother and aperson who loves art and nature. I've always loved art, but I didn't find the artist inside me till I studied graphic design in 2020 eventhough I have digitally designed some small works before. When I'm not designing, I watch TV, read, listen to music, and I'm glad to have my camera again to get to my old habit of photography.
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Love it, pair it.

For cheese lovers who always looking for new cheese and what best pairs for it, this app will save you time. This app has all kinds of cheese and all the information about each kind and what best pairing for each one. In the end, if you are happy with what you find don’t forget to say cheese.

  • Skills: Mobile UI, Illustration
  • Programs: Illustrator
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Creative Mornings Theme (Oracle)

I created this project based on the creative morning theme of oracle. This theme is inspired by my culture where magic and the evileye are part of society's beliefs. So, based on that I have created this theme. Since the magic can see the future by reading ourhands, I thought to use the “Henna” - which is also part of my culture - to illustrate in that hand some of the magic elements mixedwith some “Henna” drawings.

  • Skills: Illustration, Copywriting, Layout
  • Programs: Illustrator, InDesign
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Victoria’s Secret Mist

I created this Ad campaign base on the holiday’s theme. I photoshoot the products and use the ingredients of the mist to build onthe backgrounds and give it the holidays vibe.

  • Skills: Photography, Photo Compositing
  • Programs: Photoshop, InDesign
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New Balance Ad Series

This project aims to create Ad Series that match the vision of the New Balance Brand. The focus of this Ad series is more on the typography to draw the audience’s attention to the message that the brand intends to deliver.

  • Skills: Photoshop, Layout, Photo compositing
  • Programs: Adobe Photoshop


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