Tessa Morhardt


There is so much to say, but no matter how much I verbalize about my passion for photography, what matters is the quality in the work that I produce. I am a freelance photographer who has done work in the midwest but enjoys traveling and nothing is off limits.
I always appreciate the chance to try new areas of photography. My style for each field adapts to the client's requirements which I find very exciting and challenging.
I developed an interest for photography and film early on in life. It has led me to continue my education at Madison College which resulted in a degree in photography. I truly cherish each and every picture that is taken and every moment that is filmed. I believe photographs allow us to travel back in time and remember the emotions that happened within those special moments.
I entered the Madison College photography program thinking I was going to solely focus on portrait work but was introduced to studio product, on location, and culinary photography. I experienced the freedom of being able to create something completely new and riveting, learning how to show every little detail on each product or each dish has expanded my horizons and given me a new appreciation for the art of photography.