Ashley Lewis

Graphic Design & Illustration
Web & Digital Media Design

Hello, my name is Ashley. I am a Graphic Designer | Web Designer. I am very passionate when it comes to design. I am detail-oriented and very creative when coming up with new ideas. I am always ready to stand out and be bright and bold.
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This PSA Campaign was for the animals being poached in the wild. I wanted to do something a little different with this piece, so I decided that I was going to mashup humans and animals together. This was sketched out and then brought to life in photoshop,

  • Skills: Creativity
  • Programs: Adobe Photoshop
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Beauty of Sound

Beauty of Sound was created because I got tired of looking at Corporate style websites design. I wanted instead of having that masculine feel to add a touch of feminism to it. This is how Beauty of Sound was created. With that touch of feminism, this piece made JBL stand out. This design is a wireframe of what the website would look like.

  • Skills: Creativity
  • Programs: Photoshop
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Mo'Joe Java

Mo’Joe Java was created and used multiple times. I drew out this little coffee bean and was used for T-shirts, Instagram posts and now it is being put to use for the Java cold brew. The inspiration came from I love my ice coffee and the different flavors are common in the coffee world.

  • Skills: Creativity
  • Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
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Divine Magazine

Divine was created for a wine magazine with inspiration from a company out of Virginia called Kysela Pere Et Fils Ltd. I wanted to try something challenging and put together a magazine that had wine and wine charts. This design here is the advertisement centerpieces.

  • Skills: Concept, Illustration, Design, Typography
  • Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator
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Hopalicious, this was a fun piece to do. We had to pick a product to do a photoshoot of that product, then design it. This Advertisement Ad was created from scratch. The background came from the moon roof of a car. The splashes were created by using water and ice cubes in the photo studio. Creativity was at its highest for this project..

  • Skills: creativity, typography, time management, communication
  • Programs: Adobe Bridge , Adobe Photoshop, Adobe RAW