Joseph Bridgman

Visual Communications

I'm all about sound. I have a passion for telling stories as both a sound designer and musician. I've gained real-world experience, networking with both local and international industry professionals, as well as serving as an audio content intern on state-of-the-art VR audio applications and technologies. With this, I strive to design compelling soundscapes for visual media, be it through the mediums of game audio, Foley for TV/film, music, and more.
Audio Redesign | Made In Abyss: Incinerator Scene

In this project, I took a scene from one of my favorite series, removed all of the original audio and completely redesigned it from the ground up. I initially had planned on having a classmate voice act for this project, however, we had to cancel due to the epidemic. Furthermore, I am by no means am fluent in Japanese, though because I speak it conversationally, I chose to record this scene in its original language.

Nyeins - Ribbon Tie (Demo from new EP coming July 27th)

This project is one of the songs that will appear on an EP that I am currently working on. It is set to release on July 27th of this year.

  • Skills: Music Composition, Mixing, Mastering, Sound Design
  • Programs: FL Studio
Interview with "Review Brah"

Although video is not my focus, I still know my way around a camera and editing software. In this satirical interview from an early semester, I sit down with one of my long time friends who is a look-alike to the popular YouTube food reviewer "ReportOfTheWeek".