Hannah A.R.


I am a documentary photographer that appreciates the richness of life in the ordinary moments, finding the sacredness in the mundane. Treasured heritage is buried in the “here and now”, and as an avid explorer, I wish to strip away the facades meant to please the mainstream, revealing instead the intimate moments often taken for granted: the belly laughter, spontaneous family adventures, messy-imperfect-love, wrinkles made of old smiles, the gritty courage of giving birth, the strength in carving your own path, the place you call home in all of it’s chaotic liveliness.
Who will preserve your story? The story of being human. A story so profound yet easy to miss when you’re looking right at it and hard to recall had you never documented it. The timelessness of your life will be realized through Hannah A. R.’s artful documentation and the evocative, enduring power of tangible, fine art prints and books.