Ethan Krause

Visual Communications

My name is Ethan Krause and I love making silly animations and digging deep into the editing-bay mines to see what I can churn out. I've worked with several local institutions on promotional videos and I always manage to merge my less than traditional style with client ideas in order to create content that's both informative and doesn't bore you to tears.
MSCR Goodman Rotary 50+ Fitness Commercial

Promotional video for MSCR that was created to advertise their 50+ Fitness program.

  • Skills: Video Editing, Audio Clean up, Interview Shooting, Lighting Setup
  • Programs: Premiere, Illustrator, Audition
How To Rig A Character For Animation in Illustrator/After Effects

  • Skills: Calmly distilling information, recreating a project from scratch for instructional purposes.
  • Programs: Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere
A UFO Poops

  • Skills: Character animation, atmospheric sound design
  • Programs: Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere
Madison College 2 in 1 program
  • Skills: Character animation, voiceover work, script writing
  • Programs: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere
Ethan Krause Demo Reel