Maia Lathrop

Graphic Design & Illustration

I’ve loved design ever since I took a Photoshop class in high school. I toggled between eating sandwiches and creating montages and digital illustrations during my lunch break happily spent in the computer lab. When I no longer had access to the Creative Cloud, I began taking the bus from Middleton to the Madison Public Library just so I could use the software. Nowadays, I immerse myself in layout and branding. I enjoy seeing all the elements come together to form a cohesive story. Everyday I’m thankful to be engaged in what I love as a career and to be surrounded by other passionate designers that inspire me to continue to learn and grow.
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Bayview Brand Identity

Bayview is a nonprofit that provides affordable housing, educational opportunities, access to support services, and cultural programs. I wanted to make this nonprofit as elegant and as dignified as their mission. The design is centered around humane, warm colors with a variety of brush textures to showcase their appreciation for the arts.

  • Skills: Layout, Typography, logo design, branding
  • Programs: InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop
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Middleton Sustainability Committee Event Promotion

To further Middleton’s sustainability goals, the Sustainability Committee purchased thousands of LED bulbs. Their goal is to host a free event to get Middleton residents to exchange their inefficient fluorescent or incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. They needed me to create promotional graphics. I strove to create clean, welcoming, modern designs that would showcase their forward thinking goals.

  • Skills: Print Design, social media, infographic, pattern
  • Programs: Illustrator, photoshop, procreate
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Sierra Club Direct Mailer

Sierra Club direct mailer showcasing the work the club has done and will do for the environment. The collage style allowed me to capture the natural beauty of various biomes all at once.

  • Skills: Collage, layout, typography, print design
  • Programs: photoshop, Indesign
Dane Arts Kinetic Type

This project let me mix words with moving graphics to convey Dane Art’s mission. Once I had the script, I was able to break it down into chunks I could animate. There were a total of nine slides I created in Illustrator for my story board plus a color scheme. Each slide showed the general layout and included some idea of how to animate it in After Effects.

King Needle Tattoo Web Design

King Needle is a fictional tattoo parlor. The design inspirations behind it were street tattoos with gothic lettering. I wanted to carry over the tough feel with a modern touch.

  • Skills: Branding, Web Design, UX/UI, Logo Design
  • Programs: XD, Photoshop