Caroline Glasgow

Graphic Design & Illustration

Hey I'm Caroline Glasgow and I am a recent graduate from the Graphic Design program at Madison College (MATC). I have always wanted to do something art related ever since I was a kid, but never knew what until my first year of Madison College. Throughout the Graphic Design program I have learned how to use the pen tool, how to edit a photo in Photoshop, and the skills it takes to be a Graphic Designer. I have a huge passion of doing vector art and Photography. I believe my strongest skill is Photoshop, but I'm also really good with Illustrator too.
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Nature Mural

This mural is a combination of illustrations that were once sketches in my sketchbooks. Those sketches were sometimes combined to make different illustration pieces. I had no idea at first when I looked at all my sketches that they all had something in common, it wasn't until I made them into illustrations. Some of the illustrations are patterns, but each one is a little different than the others. Working on this mural was really fun and a lot of work, but I do want to do another one.

  • Skills: Sketching, Illustration
  • Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop
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Bai Ad Mini Series

For this project, I created an Ad mini series for Bai for a class assignment. I want to show that there are other drinks out there besides soda and alcohol. Bai is a much healthier choice for a fruit drink and the flavor lasts longer in your mouth when drinking one. Bai comes in many flavors and it is for all ages who are thirsty and do not always want to have water. The beverages were taken by me with the fruit taken separately from the beverages. In the background of each beverage is a pattern of each different flavor of the Bai.

  • Skills: Photography, Pattern Making, Typography
  • Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop
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Big Brothers Big Sisters Ad Series

For this project, I was chosen by my instructor to create an ad series for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I am showing that the campaign is a great place to be and that kids will get the help that they need when their relatives don't have time to help them out. I am also showing by how colorful the posters are that Big Brothers Big Sisters is a fun and eco-friendly organization just like Boys and Girls Club is. The people in the center of the poster are part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization are vectored so they could stand out more in the poster.

  • Skills: Vector Art, Poster Design, Layout
  • Programs: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop