Kit Hand

Graphic Design & Illustration

I love color, type, and playing with new ways to create cool stuff. Things I love to pull into my designs are traditional media, nature, and historical design elements. My passion for graphic design started with making flyers for my babysitting jobs and continues to this day. When I travel to a new city, I have to check out the design museums, birding hot spots, and of course the best bakeries.
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Earth Day Challenge Event Poster

Earth Day Challenge encourages people to get together and clean up their local parks. I wanted to create something that felt organic and showed the spirit of community in the event. This project started out as cut paper and was then photographed and edited digitally.

  • Skills: illustration, typography, layout
  • Programs: paper, Photoshop, InDesign
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Angel's Wish Rebranding

Angel's Wish is one of my favorite local animal adoption organizations. Their adoption program relies on placing cats into caring foster homes. The love and care of their foster parents was the inspiration for this rebranding. As part of this rebranding project, I created a logo, a website, t-shirt for volunteers to wear at adoption events, and a tote bag for new cat parents.

  • Skills: illustration, web design, layout
  • Programs: paint, Photoshop
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Paper x Passion Ad Series

Field Notes creates a quarterly special release notebook series. For Fall 2020, they released a series called "The United States of Letterpress" that featured the art and process of letterpress. I took the attention to process they put into this series and took it into my advertisements. I used letterpress letters to create a series of prints, which I then used in the photoshoot for the ads. The photoshoot was done in my apartment, using several large sheets of white paper and assisted by two cats.

  • Skills: photography, layout, typography, photo editing
  • Programs: paper and ink, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator
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Patreon Yearbook

Patreon is a platform that gives creators a way to make a steady income. There are a lot of really cool projects and creators on Patreon so I wanted to create something that showed that off. Thinking of that plus the communities on and surrounding Patreon brought me to the idea of a yearbook. This book would be handed out at events where potential Patreon creators and supporters would be - such as conventions - to bring new users to the platform.

  • Skills: Logo Design, Brand Identity, Typography and Web Design
  • Programs: InDesign, Photoshop, pen and ink
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Energy Check-up App

This app is designed for Alliant Energy, as a way to expand on their efforts to help customers lower their monthly bills and become more energy efficient. Users will be able to assess their current energy use level and get tips on how to improve. They can also compare their scores overtime and to their neighbors. I created both a dark and light mode of this app. Users can switch into dark mode to save energy, or stay in light mode when they need to.

  • Skills: illustration, layout, app design
  • Programs: Illustrator, Photoshop