Nick Bartels

Visual Communications

Everyone loves a good story. Whether it's around the campfire with some friends, or telling grandpa that fish was a little bigger than it actually was. My name is Nick Bartels and storytelling is my passion. Visual media gives me the opportunity to communicate and listen to my fellow coworkers or clients. I love capturing a great big smile and putting that on screen in front of you. There's no greater feeling than getting some feedback about something I've created. Let me help you visualize your story.
How To Smoke Meat

This was a video I shot for a school project. It was really hard thinking of a video topic because of the virus. It was hard to go out and find places that I could shoot. My dad was nice enough to help me out and shoot "How to Smoke Meat". As you can see it's a long and patient process. I really enjoyed this piece!

Wedding Reel

Here's a reel of one of my favorite weddings I've had the privilege to shoot. The client is a friend of mine I met in high school. Weddings are perfect for storytelling. I like telling the whole day in one giant montage of clips that I capture throughout the 8 hours that they typically go on for.

Interview Project: Rob Jarnigo of Today's Angler

My friend is really into his YouTube fishing channel "Today's Angler". I was able to snag him for a really cool interview. I learned a lot from this project and I really enjoyed the story that was able to come from it. I love the documentary aspect of film and really want to dive into it deeper.

  • Skills: Lighting, Editing
  • Programs: Premiere Pro