Cool Matt

Web & Digital Media Design

Before freelancing for the past 5 years, I spent my 20's looping around the states in a van with my friends. A decade in bands taught me a lot about collaborating and taking criticism graciously. It taught me to be passionate, but not precious about your ideas. And it taught me I can be at home anywhere — which has been right here in Madison since 2015. Let's work and play together, goodly neighbors!
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Tavernakaya Rebrand

One of my favorite local spots, Tavernakaya felt ripe for a playful rebrand. My work nods to Japan’s old-school minimalist prefecture flags while remaining rooted in Madison iconography.
Tavernakaya strikes a fine balance celebrating Japanese cuisine and acknowledging locals’ insatiable appetite for fried cheese curds. So I took it to heart to maintain that equilibrium in my rebranding experiment.

  • Skills: Identity, Iconography, Typography
  • Programs: Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop
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PHOX was a band we made up in my dad’s basement in 2011. With homemade videos, hand made merch, and and our immensely talented lead singer, Monica Martin, it felt like we could get away with anything — so we tried everything.

  • Skills: Entrepreneurship, Animation, Friendship
  • Programs: Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Google Docs
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Poor guy *tsch*

  • Skills: Character Design, Illustration, Animation
  • Programs: After Effects, Photoshop
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Promptu App

Promptu helps you put your relationships on autopilot. Using relationship profiles — like best friend, dear cousin, and yes, even obnoxious boss.
Using your chat history on any platform, Promptu scores your relationship in several dimensions like frequency, equity, and intimacy. Live your life. Let Promptu keep the score.

  • Skills: Concepting, Copywriting, UI, Identity
  • Programs: Illustrator
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Vortexgear Website

Keyboards can be beautiful. And the mechanical keyboard world is getting sexier by the day. While their boards are top-notch, Vortexgear has an outdated website, and I set out to fix that.
Merging nostalgia and innovation, this new look says all you need to know about the device we use to put our thoughts into words: keyboards can be beautiful.

  • Skills: Web Design, Photo Editing, Identity
  • Programs: Illustrator, Photoshop