Nik Petranek

Graphic Design & Illustration

Illustration is something I've always done so it plays a key role in how I tackle designs. Once I started simplifying my artwork down, logo design became my gateway into graphic design. I enjoy using stark contrast, bold colors, and gritty texture.

Title of Image
Dead Dawn

Dead Dawn is a coffee brand that focuses on waking your dead self during the break of dawn. The brand appeals to a younger demographic while wanting to remain intense and strong with plenty of branding and merchandise opportunities. This feeling is achieved through a very illustrative and grungy aesthetic.


Airventures is an app made by Airbnb to plan the destinations of your next trip to turn your whole journey into a vacation and adventure. The goal was to keep the aesthetic of the original Airbnb brand while making it feel more travel centric. This is achieved through keeping the same color palette and incorporating aspects of paper for maps and planning, and clouds for an open and adventurous feel.

Altoids Ad

This ad campaign is meant to show off the rough and tough aspect of Altoids being curiously strong. This is done through bold contrast and gritty texture, along with focusing on type to present a strong and direct message.