Annika Keillor

Web & Digital Media Design

Starting college, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, so I tried to do it all. I took classes in botany, buddhism, and music, movies, and the 1960s. I studied wildlife ecology and environmental sociology, as well as art and design. I loved them all, but wasn’t sure how to create a career of that. Then I realized that what I loved about all of these classes was they provided me inspiration for a creative release– all of my notebooks were packed full of doodles. Returning to school, design felt like the perfect fit. Here I’ve found a field that’s allowed me to be all of the things I find fascinating- I get to live vicariously through each client while doing the thing I love most- creating.

Backwoods Barista

BruTrek is an offshoot brand of Planetary Design, a company that specializes in durable, packable, and heat-maintaining coffee gear. In re-creating a website for BruTrek, I wanted to portray the experience of being out in the peacefulness of nature and starting your day with a warm cup of coffee. By contrasting imagery of naturally occurring textures against BruTrek’s hefty drinkware products, viewers are reminded to slow down and appreciate the elements around them, both natural and manmade. Herein, Backwoods Barista encourages people to get outdoors without sacrificing their love for quality brewed coffee.

Secondhand Search

Have you ever wanted to go thrift shopping, but didn’t want to commit the time to find new stores and waste time not knowing what they carry? Me too! Secondhand Search is an app that allows you to search for thrift stores by neighborhoods and trending tags so you can more easily plan your thrift runs in advance. Help out your fellow Secondhand Searchers and post a photo of your thrift finds to the store’s feed!

Madison Public Library

The saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but as designers, we know that visual appeal is of utmost importance. For this Madison Public Library campaign, the premise is simple- we want to engage viewers with a sense of wonder that will draw them to a book they’ve not read before. Each carousel starts out with a collage of a few elements from the book suggestion to build intrigue, and expands into a larger collage and title reveal.

Rock the Walk

If it weren’t for rock music, Dr. Marten’s may still be a brand of footwear reserved for the working class. When Pete Townshend of The Who hit the stage in the 60s wearing docs, the boots started to shift into a form of self expression and rebellion. Throw Elton John in a pair of 54in boots, and you’ve created an icon out of footwear. In tribute to the company’s rock ’n’ roll rise to fame, “Rock The Walk” invites participants to answer Dr. Marten music related trivia questions for their chance to win tickets to Glastonbury Music Festival in the UK.