Klayton Dorn

Visual Communications

My passion for this field saw its fiery start when I was given a camera in middle school. My two brothers and I spent days filming impromptu skits for our family and friends’ viewing pleasure. I've been obsessed with the process ever since. I'm enthusiastic about everything that makes an atmosphere come to life; props, lighting, audio, and special fx. Thank you for your time and consideration!

Demo Reel

A reel of media displaying the usage of skills and techniques for video/audio/motion graphics design.

The River Styx

Worried about the bad rep of the underworld, Hades has requested my assistance in creating an appealing depiction of one of its most well-known places; in hopes of helping lost souls find a place that feels like home again. I was tasked with: giving some fresh air to these decrepit ruins, and ‘showing the beauty of darkness.’ By putting emphasis on lighting and composition, I hope any soul can see themselves finding their eternal rest within this scene.

Promotional Photography

Every year, car enthusiasts flock to witness one of our state’s greatest gatherings, Automotion. Regardless of how many wheels your ride has, there are warm smiles and a family-like atmosphere waiting for you as we gather to gawk at some of this state’s finest automobiles. Calendar shoots, music videos, adrenaline-pumping race scenes, and pinup contests alike wouldn’t be the same without a sweet ride to accompany them.