Morgan Gray

Graphic Design & Illustration

Hi, my name is Morgan Gray. I’m a graphic designer, who utilizes a variety of skills such as illustration, typography, photography, web design, and logo design. While I've created art since I could hold a crayon, I originally went to school to become a dental hygienist. After a few semesters I decided that the program wasn’t for me. I helped to create a tattoo design for a friend and that was a wakeup call to look for a more creative profession. I decided to try my hand a t graphic design in 2017. I haven’t regretted it and have loved learning the skills necessary to become a graphic designer. I am currently a graduate graphic designer at Madison Area Technical College, and I can’t wait to continue with my work and see what challenges and opportunities await me.

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Chip Magnet Ad Series

Chip Magnet, is a salsa company that has a wide variety of options. They have great salsas to offer but don’t have much in the advertising department. So I made a 3 poster ad series to help change that.

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Critical Roll Podcast

Critical Roll, is a podcast with a cast of Voice actors. They get together to play Dungeons & Dragons and record it for the podcast. They already have a good logo and brand on spotify, but I wanted to change it up and try my own hand at a redesign.

Death Wish: Howl of Anubis

Death Wish Coffee Co, is a company that specializes in highly caffeinated Coffee. They are known for having the world’s strongest coffee. Thanks to the company's death theme I was inspired to make a coffee flavor for them based on the Egyptian God of death, Anubis. I made a package design for my new flavor idea along with a coffee cup, and an instagram post that promotes the new flavor.

L.L.Bean Catalogue

A very well known clothing company, L.L.Bean provides anything you could need for the outdoors and more. L.L.bean is also known for having a certain style for their advertisements. I wanted to change the entire feel and vibe of the catalogue to appeal to a younger audience.

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US Cellular Ad Campaign

US Cellular, is one of the largest cell phone providers in the United States. They tend to have a very simple look and style when it comes to branding and advertising. I changed it by adding detail and to make it more eye-catching.