Paisley Bennett

Graphic Design & Illustration

Hello! My name is Paisley Bennett and I am a Wisconsin native! I love to work with people and help their ideas come to life through digital art. When I am not designing I love to work on my photography, play Call of Duty or any video game for that matter, spend time with my family and be outdoors. I am an avid sports fan and love spending my Sundays watching football!

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Everest Nutrition

Everest Nutrition was a logo redesign piece that I had the privilege to work on. This small nutrition shop is located in my hometown and has become a popular place to hang out. When starting this design I went through many ideas and landed on a Yeti holding an apple, I knew I wanted to do something with Mount Everest and after many drafts and versions, finally settled on this adorable and loved Yeti. To me not only does the Yeti convey the message of the old wives tale of the Himalayas but also brings in this fun and inviting nature and a place that you can come and grab a delicious beverage to fuel you all day long.


This pattern design concept started last November, I was thinking about how many couples and individuals who feared for their lives and marriages during the elections, myself included. In 2015 same-sex marriage was legalized in the United States and was recognized by the Senate as a legal marriage. To this day same-sex couples and those in the LGBTQ+ community still are fighting for equal rights and they still continue to be discriminated against. This campaign is designed to help bring awareness to those issues but also to celebrate how far we have come as a society.

Starbucks Christmas Blend

Starbucks, the myth, the legend. Who doesn't loves going to Starbucks when they launch their Holiday beverages, merchandise and fun cup designs. Before I started working for the company I was a regular Caramel Macchiato consumer, once I started working with the company, I look forward to the Holiday set every year. I chose to challenge myself and redesign the Christmas Blend packaging. When brainstorming the direction of this piece, I chose to go more Eco-friendly and green to play off of the Eco-friendly line that the company has slowly started to launch as they continue to build into their everyday business model. I decided to go on the more illustration side of this pattern design to bring in more fun and natural lines as if someone was given a coffee bag and was asked to draw something on it.

Madison College WolfPack Esports

A website layout created for Pure Leaf tea to sell their products and promote their brand. In this layout I took the look and feel of the brand and created a home page based off the brand. I added type describing the brand and the type of products they make.

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60Eight Basketball Tournament

60Eight Basketball Tournament is a basketball tournament that the 60Eight Basketball organization coordinates with high school boys basketball teams and is hosted by Madison College. I was approached by the Madison College Athletics Department about designing an event badge, tickets, a few sponsorship banners and some marketing materials. Throughout this process I had to stay within the Madison College Athletics guidelines, in these pieces the fonts and color schemes are within the guidelines while taking my own creative take on the background. When brainstorming for ideas I knew I wanted a basketball hoop and a net, once I found the exact images, I was able to create this look of high-class basketball tournaments held at Madison College.