Alicia Artus

Graphic Design & Illustration

I grew up on a dairy farm in southwest Wisconsin, which gave me the luxury of wide-open spaces to wander, get into mischief and inspire my creativity. I studied journalism at UW-Madison and spent about 10 years following unusual, challenging, and interesting assignments as a daily newspaper reporter in Wisconsin and Iowa.
Still, as much as I enjoyed the work, I decided I needed a change for the long-term. I enrolled in the graphic design program at Madison College, and I've enjoyed spending more time on my artistic talents and learning new skills. I've still worked as a freelance writer and editor while in school, and I would like to combine my art and writing talents in future projects.

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Barks, Beats & Brews Event Branding

Underdog Pet Rescue is a Madison nonprofit focused on rescuing and and finding good homes for stray animals. They host fundraising events, such as Barks, Beats & Brews to support their crucial mission. I created a new visual language for their event branding, including printed event posters and graphics for social media.

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Jet's Pizza Rebrand

Jet’s is a Detroit-style pizza chain founded in 1978 in Michigan. I chose to rebrand the restaurant, including a new logo, website and visual language, in a way that reflects their history.

DCHS 100th Anniversary Social Media

The Dane County Humane Society is a nonprofit animal welfare and advocacy group with a rich history in the Madison area. I chose to highlight their milestone 100th anniversary in 2021 with a playful Instagram series showing animals in different era-appropriate outfits and settings.

Second Harvest Informational Booklet

Second Harvest Food Bank of Southern Wisconsin is a nonprofit that plays a critical role in helping families and individuals facing food insecurity. I created an informational booklet about their services using hand-painted artwork, bright colors and a positive tone about the impact Second Harvest has in the community. I also created a motion graphic in the same art style.