Ari J. Feldman

Visual Communications

I focus on portrait photography, and slice of life video content. I believe that there is beauty and profoundness to be found in the mundane. That there is simplicity in the intricate and calm in the chaotic. I strive to present this idea with my work, that life is a prism of perspectives, all of them beautiful. I believe that not only does everyone have their own story, but their own voice. It's my mission to help others find that voice.

Demo Reel

This is my demo reel which features my favorite footage, shot by yours truly, throughout my time in the Visual Communications program.

Color Correction - Romance with Pumpkins

This is a skit I wrote, directed and filmed with the main goal of showcasing my skills and understanding of color correction in video.

Translucency Time-lapse

This is a time-lapse project I filmed and edited for a friend who wanted to capture the process he uses when painting and drawing pieces that he puts up for sale.

Title of Image
Best Clients Ever

This is a mesh of my favorite portrait photography clients!