Graphic Design & Illustration

Irasema Villarreal

Hello, I am Irasema, Sema for short. I always find myself sketching on every piece of paper that comes my way. Coming from the world of fine art I stumbled upon the world of graphic design. Getting to marry both traditional and digital skills has been rewarding yet challenging.

Dead Kings Pin Series

A personal project of creating an enamel pin series. I went through the process of designing the pins, ordering through a manufacturing company and selling them in person and on an online store.


A conceptual branding for a graphic design portfolio show themed "Vision". Being creative starts with a vision. A vision of ourselves, a vision of our creations and a vision of our futures.

Mocha Moment

Mocha Moment is a cafe located in Janesville, WI. They are cozy, warm, and inviting place to enjoy a nice brew. In the process of redesigning and rebranding Mocha Moment's logo and other assets, I tried to convey the experience the customer would have.

Title of Image

I am always sketching, drawing and doodling. Whether it is digital or traditional I am constantly learning new programs, learning new techniques and new tricks.


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As designers we are explorers. We take on vast expeditions in lands of line, color, shape, texture, size, value, and space itself. Pushing boundaries to discover new territories. We are invigorated by the thought of uncharted waters, rising each day to seek new horizons.

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