Graphic Design & Illustration

Jazz Accola

A lover of illustration, design, and the occasional coincidence of paranormal activity.

Title of Image
Gnomes Games Rebrand

Gnome Games is a tabletop gaming store in the Green Bay area in Wisconsin that gives an atmosphere of excitement and community. For this project, I wanted to rebrand and focus on the aspect of feeling very family focused and friendly. I chose the little board game people pieces as a reoccurring theme throughout the project because they resemble the family aspect of the piece. The logo was chosen due to the fun and playful feeling it portrayed. Overall, this piece made the brand more cohesive and harmonious.

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Book Design

This project reworked the old format of a classic Victorian tale of The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I have a soft spot for old fiction, and it was a pleasure to give my own twist to this classic. The dark and gritty atmosphere was portrayed in the texture of the pages being that of an old parchment piece. The cover was designed to give that feeling of Jekyll trapped in the darkness while he chose what half to keep his soul in and what half to let go. I went with simple but elegant type parings to give that old vintage book feel to the type that echoed that was used at the time the book released.

Sea Creature x Vampire Hunter Character Concept

This project was a difficult task. The project was set up to combine two previous concept pieces that I produced: a vampire hunter and a sea monster. At first, I was stuck on ideas of how to get these two character concepts to blend. Then this idea came to mind. I wanted to keep the vampire hunter's Victorian look but still give her that fearsome monster feel, hence the tentacles and the way she carries herself. This piece was a learning experience due to having to come up with a solution to a very interesting problem, and will stay one of my favorite illustration pieces I have ever produced.


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