Graphic Design & Illustration

Nina Eddy

I’m a designer and a creative problem solver living in Milwaukee, WI. I’m passionate about design and I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and learn in this field.

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We Are First Gen

Madison College showcased an exhibit celebrating first generation students and I had the pleasure of redesigning all of the biographies of past first-generation students for the exhibit.

You Are Here

The Fall of 2019 portfolio show branding, You Are Here is about the exploration of design. How we as designers are constantly brainstorming, exploring, and pushing different design elements until we finally get that delightful ‘Ope wait! That’s it! We’ve got a little something we can work with here…’ moment.

Gourds N' Roses VIP Pass

Beyond Pink, a WI based non-profit, had a Rock N’ Roll themed fundraiser and needed a way to collect information from attendees. I created a VIP pass that could collect information for the organization, and also be a nice letterpress keepsake for those in attendance.

Dot Cup

An eye-catching ad campaign for Dot Cup, a menstrual cup brand. I took this as a chance to highlight the company’s buy one, give one model and how it is beneficial for both the user and the environment.

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Conceptually driven public service announcement educating the public about vaccination awareness.


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As designers we are explorers. We take on vast expeditions in lands of line, color, shape, texture, size, value, and space itself. Pushing boundaries to discover new territories. We are invigorated by the thought of uncharted waters, rising each day to seek new horizons.

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