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Amy Skicki

Hello! I’m Amy Skicki. Ending up in the web and digital design program was an interesting adventure for me. I earned my Bachelor of Science in Business Management in April of 2013 and my studies emphasized sales and marketing communications. As a single mom I had to work while pursuing school and found a great, flexible position as a facility manager at a health and recreational facility. After graduation I was promoted to Assistant General Manager, while this suited me well, I wasn’t truly doing what I wanted with my degree. As I started to look for positions in the marketing field, I realized that skills in Adobe Creative Suites and WordPress were a necessity. Enter Madison College and their brand new Web & Digital Media Design program (insert singing angels here)!! This degree has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had, I have never felt more alive than when I am designing digital products and conquering the challenges they bring. The web, social media and all things digital coupled with how people interact with them absolutely fascinate me and I am so excited to pursue a career in this field.

Vans Website Redesign

Vans has over 50 years of connecting to youth culture and they continue to advocate for action sports while recognizing the global “Off The Wall” connection between their brand and art, music, and street culture enthusiasts. This website redesign was created with this in mind, they are fun and funky and colorful and grungy. I tried to capture that along with their native California feel with the photo treatments while keeping the focus on the ultimate reason their website exists, to showcase their products and affect the bottom line. Marketing at its finest.

East Side Club Website Redesign

East Side Club was the client I had the pleasure of helping in Web Design Project Management class. Their previous site was not meeting the aesthetic they were looking to portray for their business. They have a beautiful location on Lake Monona, with astonishing views of the Capital building. They needed their website to reflect that. Throughout the creation of this site I encountered many digital challenges I never expected, including investigating who their host was, proper admin logins, and other challenges. There had been many changes in their staff, and no one knew any of these details! I learned an incredible amount of patience and perseverance through this and I feel like the challenges were what made this experience the most rewarding. https://escmadison.com/

Fitrition Genius App

Fitrition Genius is a fitness and nutrition app designed with both personal trainer and client needs in mind. This app differs from others in the market by offering everything in one place. Fitrition tracks nutrition, allows trainers to track and prescribe workouts, has access to a large video library for exercise demonstrations, offers scheduling and messaging, all in one app. Fitrition is in a rebranding stage currently, it originally started as an app called Results Driven but that name didn't lend well to it being a fitness and nutrition app.

Fitrition Genius App Development process

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