Graphic Design & Illustration

Nicholas Moldenhauer

Since I was young I liked putting puzzles together. Design to me is like a puzzle that you have to make while putting it together. You have to find where all the pieces go, but at the same time also creating the image on the pieces. The biggest difference is that with a puzzle you can complete it, but with design there is always another piece you can add.

Dream Lanes Rebranding

Dream Lanes has been an independent bowling alley in Madison for a long time. With this rebranding it keeps it’s retro vibes while having an updated look.

Taste of Madison Advertising

An ad campaign for the popular Madison event, Taste of Madison. I was presented with a mood board and designed the ads with that direction in mind.

Logo Design

I worked with a client to produce a logo for an event coming in 2022. It was tough to create a strong concept for this since they wanted many different elements to show up in the logo, ranging from Frank Lloyd Wright to Scottish heritage.


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