Graphic Design & Illustration

Magali Jiménez Hernández

I was born in Oaxaca, México, and raised with strong cultural and family values. At the age of 13, my family decided to move to the United States. Before this, I was not very interested in pursuing the art field. One of my biggest passions was mathematics and I was confident that it was going to become my career path. However, after being motivated by my High School Art teacher (thankfully), I decided to pursue my artistic abilities. I can now say that I love what I do because art gives me the ability to change people’s perspectives in a totally different way.

Cocinas Integrales

Cocinas Integrales is a family-owned business that focuses on providing their clients with the best service, based on their family values. Every project is made with all of the love, passion, and effort that they as a family can provide. They want to ensure that all projects are delivered and received with the greatest satisfaction, and I was responsible for demonstrating this on their branding.

Centro Hispano

Centro Hispano is an organization established in Madison that helps the Hispanic Community with different resources. They are also very passionate about sharing multicultural diversity. As one of my projects, I decided to create a four spread brochure explaining the cultural facts that relate to the Latino Community. In addition to the brochure, I designed a series of posters that are similar in concept.

Portland Hummingbirds

Portland Hummingbirds is a made-up LaCrosse team. The idea behind this project was to create the branding and final look of the sports team for a city that was randomly chosen (Portland & LaCrosse). After doing some research I was able to choose a mascot/logo that was meaningful to this specific city.

Brodhead's Autumn Fest

For the first time, during their annual Autumn Fest, the city of Brodhead decided to host one of the most celebrated traditions in the Hispanic community. I was honored to be asked to chair this event. As part of the planning, I was in charge of the general advertisement. By creating a series of informational posters, I was able to promote the "Day of the Dead" celebration.


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