Graphic Design & Illustration

Hayley Haefner

I'm an enthusiastic, bright, fun individual with no shortage of energy. New ideas aren't out of the ordinary for me, and I'm always trying to evolve as a designer and in my personal life. From the time I was young, I always kept the boxes things came in, tickets for shows, tags from items, the list goes on. This love for tangible design, combined with my personal passion for beauty and fashion, has propelled me towards graphic design.

SOTA Juice

SOTA - State Of The Art - A new take on the average fruit juice. SOTA is 100% juice, that means no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no added sugars. Each flavor has an individual color scheme on an otherwise black and white can, making the packaging not only eye catching, but also representative of the flavor of the juice.

Soul & Stone

Soul and Stone is a monthly mailer for Burnie's Rock Shop in Madison WI. This month's edition is about specifically black stones, highlighting the beauty of the stones with large photos. The scientific and geological information for the stones are written in black, while things like healing effects and charka of each stone are in white, furthering the "Soul and Stone" name.

Bread + Butter

Bread + Butter is an artisanal bakery in Madison, started and run by married couple Michael and Jessica, who first met working in a bakery over 25 years ago. The store branding represents both of them, while also conveying a calm, comfortable, yet modern vibe.

The Green Hell

The Green Hell is a nickname given to the infamous Nurburgring Racing Circuit in Germany. The Nurburgring opened in 1927, and since then has held professional races, but also driving tours, where ordinary people can take their ordinary cars on the circuit - with no speed limit. The site is a redesign of a predominantly German website, and is meant to highlight the history of the track, while still putting current races and events readily available.

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Mood Cosmetics

Mood Cosmetics is a customizable palette company specializes in self expression through makeup. Mood's goal is to assure customers makeup match their mood. I used color and pattern to portray the company's fun and energetic brand. I focused on social media to draw interest, and the shipping boxes to further the brand experience.


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