Graphic Design & Illustration

Abra René

Hello I'm Abra! I was born with a fervor for art that has led me to pursue a career in graphic design. I grew up drawing obsessively on anything I could find. Walls, sidewalks, and a rhinestone-crusted Lizzie Maguire diary became my first mediums. Other than that I'm just a Wisconsin native who is bad at knitting, loves exploring the marvelous natural areas of the midwest, and sometimes accepts compensation in the form of cheese curds (as is true of all Wisconsinites).

Grand Papa Pig

Grand Papa Pig is a fictitious brand within a brand for Trader Joe's Grocery. This branding campaign showcases a limited run product of celebratory rice cakes for the 2019 Chinese New Year - Year of the Pig. I aimed to design a product that offers a cute yet high end feel while fitting seamlessly into the existing Trader Joe's brand.

National Park Service Website Redesign

Some of my favorite places on Earth exist because of the American National Park Service. This is a responsive website redesign featuring all original illustrations solely inspired by the natural wonders flourishing within our national parks. Happy camping!

Michelangelo's Coffee House

Michelangelo's Coffee House is a local Madison WI gem and my favorite place to spend an evening working hard and slamming cold brew. This project is a rebrand intended to show off the welcoming warmth, class, and artistic quality of Michelangelo's atmosphere.

Experience Madison

No matter where life leads me, Madison will always be my hometown. This illustrative map exhibits the singular charm and spirit of Mad City while highlighting important landmarks with illustrated icons.

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Malala Fund Brochure

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani women's right's activist who is outspoken against the injustices suffered by girls in developing countries. In 2014, after surviving a brutal attack for speaking out against Taliban rule, she began the Malala Fund charity. This brochure illustrates the operations of Malala fund and encourages readers to join in her efforts.


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