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Denise Salimes

From ARCHITECTURE to GRAPHIC DESIGN. After working in the architectural field for over 16 years, my goal is to combine my two degrees in the realm of environmental/experiential graphic design. I have a passion for including history and stories from dream to delivery. I am excited to be a part of a team to share my unique perspective and experience in concept development, project management and collaboration.

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Good Morrow Bed & Breakfast

Good Morrow Bed & Breakfast believes in encouraging writers to share their story with others. It is the perfect place to rest, relax and write in a quiet and inspiring environment or gather with others who have the same passion for writing. I was inspired by the term ‘Good Morrow’ which means ‘Good Morning’ in old english and it was used by Shakespeare in Romeo & Juliet. I created the branding to feel gracious, classical, established and imaginative. First time guests receive a beautifully packaged welcome gift that includes many useful attractive items perfect for every author. The thoughtful design is carried throughout the outdoor and indoor environment. Pull out the spectacles, sip on the delightful home brewed tea and find your muse.

The Light in the Country

A second addition to Fulton Church, originally built in 1857, prompted a rebranding which I incorporated into an Honors Project. The creative brief included a clean, simple, professional and traditional style that would be comfortable for existing members and attract new people. Over a one year period and through many meetings with many committees I developed the brand and collateral. Wanting to see the project through fruition, I volunteered much of my time beyond the completion of the Honors Project and continue to support them today.

The Edgerton Sterling North Book and Film Festival

The Edgerton Sterling North Book and Film Festival is an annual event located in Edgerton, Wisconsin. It is the boyhood home of author, Sterling North, who wrote the children’s book Rascal (a raccoon). To promote the event I designed a website for folks who enjoy reading and developing relationships with authors and illustrators. The raccoon is subtly incorporated as a curious creature looking for adventures.

Our Wisconsin

Our Wisconsin magazine celebrates all that’s great in the Badger State. I designed these pages to celebrate Stoughton’s amazing Norwegian Heritage Center (otherwise known as Livsreise). The warmth and continuity of the design elements I experienced at the Livsreise is expressed throughout the layout. Make a day trip to Livsreise!

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On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

AWANA is a faith-based youth program. I worked with the Awana leader to design and manufacture an interior sign to be more welcoming and cohesive with the interior design that includes metalwork and oak trim. It also incorporates the feel of active kids and their team colors. Built out of steel and oak, it measures three feet wide by two feet high. A video integrating the story and process can be viewed at https://vimeo.com


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