Graphic Design & Illustration

Wendy Vardaman

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I’m an editor, web manager, writer, printmaker, illustrator, and designer. Returning to school to study design and letterpress has informed my professional writing, just as writing and working for nonprofits has influenced my path in design. With prior degrees in Civil Engineering and English, I love learning new skills, exploring materials and tools, doing research, making things, collaborating on projects, and connecting ideas, resources, and people. I volunteer for arts and social justice causes as a web and graphic designer, as a curator of public arts programming, as an editor/poet, and as an educator. Innovating and collaborating to reveal the significance of undervalued work brings me joy. Twitter and Instagram: @wendylvardaman

Fermat’s Podcast Project | Ad Series

Fermat’s Last Theater is a small troupe based in Madison, staging admission-free classic and contemporary works that explore issues of social justice. The group emphasizes process, experimentation, listening, and collaboration. Their recent Podcast Project broadcasts challenging writing from classic and local authors. Collaged in Photoshop, this print and digital ad series contains photography, letterpress typography, and digitized ink and paper texture.

Zig Zag Prints | Nonprofit Identity

Zig Zag Prints is a nonprofit committed to making daily life brighter and more joyful while producing socially responsible textiles and teaching simple techniques for printing on fabric at home. Its identity is inspired by the public art of Barcelona and Philadelphia. Collateral for Zig Zag was created with digital and traditional printmaking tools. Its launch event features a collaborative partnership with an established mural arts organization.

Woodland Pattern Bookcenter | Web Design

Woodland Pattern is a nonprofit book center, gallery, and performance space located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin\'s Riverwest neighborhood. The space hosts exhibitions, artist talks, readings, experimental films, concerts, and workshops with writers. This redesigned website emphasizes Woodland Pattern’s international reputation as a collector of handmade books and broadsides.

Jack Industrial Sewing Machine | Technical Drawing

A fresh take on complex technical drawing using Illustrator with Photoshop color treatments.

Print Gallery

This animation includes thumbnails of prints created with mixed techniques, including screen printing, letterpress, pressure printing, and linocut. Digital pre- and post-print work was done in Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects. The gallery emphasizes poetic images and language.