Graphic Design & Illustration

Arianna Gonzalez

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I have always been artistic and enjoyed being creative. Graphic design allowed me to problem solve in a creative way and think outside the box. I love exploring all areas of graphic design, but have found my love in illustrating, hand lettering, and screen printing. Stepping away from the computer, I love hiking, and caring for my ever-growing plant collection!

Sweetriot "Spread Chocolate Love"

Free-trade chocolate company, Sweetriot, got an updated website with a playful color palette and an energized look while staying true to their promise to make all-natural healthy chocolate in a socially responsible way. The tagline for the main image was thoughtfully laid out and hand lettered over and over until I achieved a layout that was playful, yet flowed together nicely. I traced over my image in illustrator and added the secondary elements. I used a gradient map in Photoshop for the images and then assembled everything in InDesign.

Illustrated Maps

I was excited to step away from the computer and make a mess drawing and painting these illustrated maps. After generating a long list of tourist attractions, food, landmarks, and anything else associated with the particular city, I circled my favorites and began drawing and redrawing them using a brush pen. I used a paintbrush and India Ink to make the backgrounds for the illustrations, then assembled everything in photoshop where I carefully colorized everything while keeping in mind the legibility.

Coloring Pages

Last year, I made a short coloring book for my friend as a Christmas gift who loved it so much and begged me for more pages. Over this last year, I spent any spare time I had designing and hand drawing more and more pages until I completely filled up the wire binding of her book. Creating these coloring book pages is a way to illustrate the things we both enjoy doing while making funky designs that don’t have to follow any rules!


Keeping things bright, exciting, and fun, I illustrated a series of icons that exemplify me and some of the various activities and food that I love! Every icon was hand drawn, scanned, and then traced over in Illustrator and given a bold color palette.