Visual Communications

Marie Gautsch

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A combat veteran turned artist whose passion and outlet has been found in storytelling and visual communications.

Inclusive Entertainment 3D Sample

Creating 3D content through the Intro to 3D class. I love the symbolism of the colors tucked in to the design (blue, purple, & pink). This sample adds a beautiful finishing touch with the spotlight effect panning across the branding.

“Surprise Party” Short Film

A recent film project that provided me experience inside the film industry for Madison's 48 Hour Film Project. This past summer I worked with a team and previous class mates. Having the privilege to network into the film field locally, nationally, and in some aspects, internationally. My roles (beyond the soft skill developments within the team) included assisting in pre-production and brainstorming, being used as talent, and being in charge of the music design for the film. This short film won two awards, Best Use of Prop and Best Use of Character.

Cop/Robber Animate Button & Video Game Project

Two interactive pieces created in Adobe Animate. The most challenging, most frustrating, yet funnest part was properly coding the pieces successfully.