Graphic Design & Illustration

Chelsea Severson

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Dreamer, writer, learner, and drawer. I am excited to be joining the wonderful field of graphic design. I can’t believe this field exists, but I’m very glad it does. Aside from my not so secret love of collecting pens, I enjoy hoarding inspiration on Pinterest and wandering around in forests in my free time..

Oh My Love

Dark and quirky, perfectly complimenting the Indy electro pop band it was made for. I wanted to play with scale in a way that evoked a feeling of the impossible.


The computers crashed, and the printers are refusing to live up to their name! That’s ok, Glitch is here to help. Glitch is a concept IT Consulting company based in Milwaukee, WI. The goal was to provide unique branding to set this company apart from the competitors as well as be welcoming to customers. Colors aside, the language is also a breath of fresh air. I purposefully used friendly, customer service-based wording instead of dry, technological speak. Plus, they have a really cool name.


A planet of pomegranates would be amazingly sweet, just like this editorial spread. The name is a play on words to introduce the main topic of the spreads-everything pomegranate.