Graphic Design & Illustration

Luke Mosling

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I am an artist illustrator/graphic designer with over 18 years of experience with 2D and 3D computer graphics and traditional art. From 1998 to 2006 I worked in the video game industry creating 3D and 2D computer graphics. In 2006 I started my own record label where I created the majority of the art and layout for CD and LP releases. What excites me most about art is the creative process of taking an idea and turning it into something that has a lasting visual impact on the viewer.

Hella Hot Sauce

Hella Hot Sauce has a fiery attitude and a butt kicking heat that won’t let you down like other whippy hot sauces. Born in the depths of hell, this hot sauce can heat up any dish and take it from “meh” to “Oh my God…this is the most amazing thing that has ever crossed my lips”. When it’s gotta be hot, it’s gotta be HELLA hot sauce.


To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Empire State Building, the owners, Empire State Realty Trust, wanted to come up with a fun and witty brochure that could be handed out to tourists visiting the building. The brochure fits the Art Deco style that the Empire State Building is so widely recognized for and reflects the fashion and design styles of the 1930s, when the building was completed.

Elvis Courier Service

Elvis Courier Service believes in more than just delivering goods from one place to another. They believe in an attitude and style that goes beyond the norm and brings a smile not only to our customers but also to our community.

Blood Meridian

Set in the late 1800s on the United States and Mexican border, Blood Meridian is a dark and brutal movie about western expansion that explores the violent nature of man. The back drop of the movie is a scorched and tortured landscape where cultures collide and laws do not exists.


The Now Jazz Festival is an internationally renowned Jazz festival that draws together the most creative jazz musicians, both young and old, from around the world to showcase what is happening “NOW” in the expressive world of Jazz.

Soy Curls

Butler Foods was looking to rebrand their product Soy Curls. They wanted eco friendly packaging, so recycled chip board and soy based inks were used. Eye catching color and a bold hand drawn font was used to grab the customer’s attention and a creative use of a die-cut was placed on the front of the box to display the product.