Graphic Design & Illustration

Bree Osterbrink

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Hello & welcome! Growing up I was always drawn to any and all creative outlets; baking, interior design, arts & crafts, etc. I wasn't sure what field I wanted to go into, but I knew it had to be something that allowed my creative juices to flow. Now, I consider myself a creative problem-solver, with a peculiar way of thinking, and a caffeine addiction. Enjoy!

Massage Therapy Branding

For UnHunched, I wanted my target audience to be mainly men. To do so, I pushed this brand in the direction of a masculine feel, by the use of bold, textured type, and earthy tones.

Social Anxiety PSA

I personally have social anxiety, and sometimes it is hard for myself to say how I feel. It's a mental illness that is hard to explain, and hard for others to understand. This PSA is in efforts to bring awareness to this silent illness.

Balloon Rally & Rib Fest Poster

The Balloon Rally & Rib Fest is an event that occurs every summer back in my hometown of Wausau, WI. I wanted to push the fun aspect and get hands-on. I did so by using paper mâché to create the hot air balloon and charcoal grill cover and cotton balls for clouds.

Sam's Pizza Rebranding

Sam's Pizza is a pizzeria you'd definitely write home about. This old fashioned pizza joint needed a bit of a modern twist, and I did so by doing some hand lettering and using brighter colors, all while keeping their roots in mind.