Graphic Design & Illustration

Adam Kolasch

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I try to look at everything I encounter with an appreciation for the beauty in everyday things. Sunsets are beautiful, but so is a crowded highway in the middle of a thunderstorm. As a designer and illustrator, it's my job and my privilege to bring out and emphasize that lovely mundanity, and make it worth admiring.

Duluth Trading Co. 'Spit & Polish' Product Illustrations

'Spit & Polish' is a new line of apothecary goods from Duluth Trading Company. As an illustration intern for the Men's product line, I had the privilege of creating all of the product illustrations for Spit & Polish goods. Disclaimer: No products contain actual spit.

Album Art Series

The simple pleasure of admiring the artwork and design of an album sleeve inspired me to create a series of my own album designs. I created my own fictitious artists, album titles, and song names, so that I could retain total creative freedom.

Dollar Shave Club: 'Living With Lycanthropy' Ad

Werewolves are just ordinary people with an extraordinary condition. Fortunately, Dollar Shave Club is here to help lycanthropes everywhere tame their mane. For this project, I incorporated illustrations, my own copywriting and voice, and even my own dad, who provided modeling for Gary the Werewolf.

Bear Archery: Catalog and Brand Refresh

Founded by the legendary Fred Bear, Bear Archery has been crafting superiorly strong, efficient, and powerful bows since 1939. I sought to create a visual language that communicated that power and ferocity, and maintained the respect Mr. Bear deserves.