Graphic Design & Illustration

Evan Kristopeit

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With most of my adult life managing retail stores, realizing most managing staff become burnt out spending most days worried about marketing, image, and staff, I realized I wanted something more. With a love for advertising, an overwhelming need to create, and growing up surrounded by the arts, my interest quickly turned to graphic design with an emphasis in branding and photography.

Onderak Dental Rebranding

Close to home, logo, web design and rebranding. Onderak Dental is a staple for dentistry in Beloit, Wisconsin with 31 years of practice. Establishing new and professional branding is everything when maintaining a successful practice over time.

Kristopeit Distillery

A self initiated branding for a product close to home. After losing my grandfather in July, I wanted to show homage to a patriarch who had a passion for whiskey and his family. Focusing on product branding I wanted to maintain a personal touch to commemorate my families loss.

Suits title sequence

Combining my love of Suits, the tv series, and motion design I was able to reimagine the title sequence with my own style. Taking bold colors, illustrations, and music choice I was able to create something new and exciting.