Graphic Design & Illustration

Steven Kelly

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After working for many years in the manufacturing industry, I decided it was time for a change. Being curious and wanting to be creative is what led me to graphic design. The technical skills and attention to detail I learned from my previous job has translated very well in design. When I’m not doing design work, you can find me doing what I can to not do anything or hanging out with my bunny, Ollie.

Austin Bats

Inspired by America’s past time, Austin Bats is meant to feel vintage while still keeping a modern aesthetic. I wanted to keep the mark and colors simple to help portray the vintage style.

Adventure Rock

Adventure Rock is a rock-climbing gym located in Milwaukee, WI. Rock climbing itself is extreme and daring and I wanted their brochure to convey that using bright, bold colors and gritty, imperfect typography.

The Mineshaft

Growing up in a small town, The Mineshaft is where my friends and I spent most of our time together. This place will always resonate with me. I wanted the rebrand to feel more refined and modern. The shapes used within the mark were meant to feel industrial and structured.