Visual Communications

Irasema Lievano

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Growing up I always had an interest in drawing and design and I came to Madison College in hopes of developing these skills. I discovered that the Visual Communications program taught all of the design skills I was hoping to learn in addition to video. As I progressed in the program I developed an interest in illustrating and animating short informative videos some of which are featured in my portfolio.

Wisconsin Waters Infograph

This is an infographic that I adapted from a design project. I challenged myself to make a video that involved timing words to the audio that I recorded as well as the illustrations I made. In addition to creating all of the visuals I enjoyed coordinating subtle sound effects to help enhance the visuals. URL:

Madison College's 2 degrees In 3 Years Program

I enjoyed the process of writing an informative script for this project. I wanted to use as few words as possible on the screen. The graphics evolved from the storyboard as they were created and then animated. URL:

Demo Reel

When I entered the Visual Communications program I knew that I really liked three things: drawing, design, and creating videos. I quickly became interested in filming with my DSLR and as I progressed in the program I was able to use my design and drawing skills to create motion graphics. URL:

Molly’s Gluten Free Bakery

I met Mary Burgdorff through her son Martin and I was surprised to learn that she ran a small gluten free bakery in Pewaukee, Wisconsin. Mary’s bakery supplies gluten free breads and pizza crusts to restaurants and grocery stores in the Waukesha and Milwaukee county areas. I wanted to tell her story and explore how a small business like hers is still able to survive. URL: