Graphic Design & Illustration

Aislinn Bartholomay

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I've been drawing since I developed fine motor skills, but when I came to MATC, it was with the goal of becoming an accountant. Obviously, that's not where I ended up, but my love of math, organization, and problem solving has heavily influenced my work as both a designer and an illustrator. I try to bring a little of my out of the box, not-quite-what-you'd-expect personality into everything I create, keeping both left and right brain active in all of my projects.

Reflect Yourself

TREK's Project One series is all about customization. From frame to chain, customers can select a bike that meets their exact needs. Every biker should have a bike that reflects who they are, and this ad campaign and website shows how Project One can help.

Always With You

Old National Bank is a financial institution characterized by its personable and dependable services. This brochure explains how with their mobile app, they'll be right there to take care of your needs at any time. A nostalgic approach to modern daily life was used in the photography to drive home the idea that, like family, they're always with you.

Don't Tear Yourself Apart

The National Alliance on Mental Illness is a nonprofit company that provides free services to those who need them. This campaign illustrates the suffering caused by post-traumatic stress disorder, which affects five percent of Americans, and urges them to seek the help that may provide them relief.


I love exploring new media and ways to tell stories with my illustrations. I strive to create pieces that are conceptually and visually interesting, beautiful, and full of life. This selection shows my favorite mediums to work with- pen & paper, and pen & screen.