Graphic Design & Illustration

Samuel Carman

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As someone who saw art and beauty in the world from a young age, it felt important to me that creativity seeps into everyday life. For me, design is a way to communicate and interact with the world while creating something meaningful, and having fun in the process! It's me, my trackpad, and a sketchbook... taking on the design world one step at a time!

Bon Apetit Print Layout

Taking a step back from super modern elements, and feeling inspired by older, physical cookbooks, I decided to bring thematic colors and dynamic hand-drawn headlines to a type-heavy culinary spread. I wanted the design to capture the versatility, vibrance, and complexity of the subject food itself. Each headline corresponding with the article that features it, along with the clean photography achieve a compelling, classic-feeling design while highlighting the subject creatively.

Emergence promotion and branding

What started out as illustrations for a matchbox redesign sparked an idea that just needed a little refinement and some mysterious imagery. Emergence is a candle-lit escape room and bar that brings together mystery and cooperation for a gratifying social experience. With the logo, I wanted to communicate the concept simply and unmistakably, while intricate visual elements and matchbox collateral allow potential escapees to bring their experience with them into the night.

RAW Web Design

When presented with the idea of designing a website for a vape-juice company, I was nervous about the product being taboo, but also excited to try something a little different. After some research, I found that many adult smokers had turned to electronic cigarettes to help them quit tobacco, and some companies even made nicotine free juices. With RAW Flavor I wanted the design to bring the flavor and texture of the juice to life without any doubts about the products age restrictions or reputation. The color treatments and main image help to represent a brighter future for those addicted to tobacco, while the layout and terminology suggest a more mature subject matter.