Graphic Design & Illustration

Kiara Stiger

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I have always been interested in art since I was a little girl. I enjoyed playing with paint in elementary school to exploring with clay in high school. It wasn't until I discovered photoshop and illustrator that I discovered that I would love to continue designing and exploring with art through my life. Now, I find myself getting interested in packaging design, and learning new techniques. I would love to travel around the world making art and designs.

To The Moon and Back

To the Moon & Back was a special planetarium viewing of the Supermoon and the Blood Moon. For this event, I created a poster and an image for facebook.

Camp Kickapoo

Camp Kickapoo is a camp for kids ages 5 - 10. The Camp's mission is to help kids become more active outside while also teaching them the basic knowledge about the environment around them.

Devils Lake

This re-design of Devils Lake is to encourage the adventurous hikers to use the state park as their main sense of adventure.