Graphic Design & Illustration

Nica Schneeberg

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I have a brain of a workaholic, a heart of a poet, and a timeless soul. With this combination, finding value in graphic design and illustration compliments my aesthetics in a whole new light. I find the most joy in works which can do some good for a community or the environment. I love playing with my ferrets, drawing, and binging Netflix on my free time.

Faire Lady Cocktail Bar

Faire Lady cocktail bar is a branding identity I created with vintage detail and an art-deco style in mind. It’s a bar that provides the finest of Wisconsin beers and imports as well as champagne, cocktails, etc. Underground lies a speakeasy area set for parties and private dining. You can dress however you want from whatever era you desire. I wanted to convey this feeling of a minimalist but luxurious bar.

Geek Squad

Geek Squad has brought us a lot of help over the years of being partnered with Best Buy, one of the best tech stores in the United States. From where Geek Squad started, it seemed like they wouldn’t amount to anything. That’s where I came up with the idea of “G(r)eek Squad”. With their signature black, white, and orange uniforms, glasses, and black tie, they created a historical finding – helping others with the knowledge they acquired with training. I wanted to recreate that feeling of history and adventure they went through to get here in a humorous but friendly way, such as the old philosophers would have taught us.

Northleaf Winery

Northleaf winery, located in Milton, Wisconsin, has a mission to preserve the growth and wellness of their grape farms and workers to produce a variety of wines, as well as host events to create new memories amongst others around Wisconsin. I wanted to promote an earthy and health wellness vibe with packaging and branding identity with a mute select of colors and enhancing scenery models.


Chobani promotes natural goodness with a mix of passionate people. They create wholesome foods at the heart of their local dairy farms. I wanted to create their passion by hand-drawing their ingredients based on packaging product and use a watercolor based background to recreate their fields.

The Frequency

The Frequency was filled with the music scene of the Downtown Madison area for a decade. Everyone found themselves there as music struck the right cords. The environment was lax but blistering with different genres as it was a unique venue encompassing thrills and edgy bonified people. I wanted to convey this scene with vibrant color and an edgy old-time feeling.