Graphic Design & Illustration

Brianna Taylor

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As a child, I would collect magazines and always look through the ads placed throughout. Since being at Madison College, I have learned all types of design from letterpress printing to motion graphics. The process of concepting an idea to exporting the final design is so inspiring to me. A perfect combination of my midwest work ethic and desire to learn new techniques will set me up for a successful future. Outside of designing, you can find me playing with my dog, acquiring more plants for my apartment, or exploring a new city.

Hoofscape Branding

With the popularity of goat grazing on the rise in the west coast, I created Hoofscape’s brand to be sophisticated, but still exciting. I crafted a logo that is simple, and a secondary mark that reads as both an H and as a goat’s hoof. By adding darker hues to the palette, the brand reads more mature with splashes of fun with the lighter, more saturated colors. Designing the geometric grass pattern gave Hoofscape an edge the competitors don’t have. Lastly, I designed an app wire frame along with a responsive website.

Plant Friend Subscription Box

With the recent surge in millennials buying house plants and the rise of to-your-door subscription boxes, it only made sense to combine the two and create a monthly plant membership. These boxes feature a packet of seeds, rich soil, a colorful vase, and simple instructions to keep your new friend well. Plant friend’s design features a letter-pressed logo, original illustrated floral pattern, bold type, and earthy, yet vibrant tones.

Clutch Social Media Graphics

At the beginning of 2018, Discover Mediaworks helped release a Wisconsin-based energy called Clutch. My main task was to design clean, energy-packed graphics for their social media pages. I used color that corresponded with each flavor, simple line strokes to show movement, and big type to amplify the facts.