Graphic Design & Illustration

Nicole Holan

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I have had a passion for art all my life, as it allows me the freedom for self-expression. As a kid I especially loved using all kinds of different media. When I got to high school, I took a Graphic Design class and fell in love with the profession. I have of course improved my skills since then, and love designing so much, that I have chosen to make it my career.

Eclipse Delight Chocolate Bites

Eclipse Delight Chocolate Bites packaging and candy design. Digital design illustrations, with fun games for everyone to play when they are eating the candy.

Table Top Tent

Madison College students who need help providing Christmas presents for their children have the option to sign up for Santa’s Wish List where other students help by providing Christmas presents. I wanted to show a colorful Christmas.

Villalobos Rescue Center Ad Series

Villalobos Rescue Center is for dogs and parolees that need a second chance in life. Villalobos helps people understand that Pit Bulls are not vicious but as lovable as any other breed. I want to show that people and animals can come together to make a difference in everyone’s life.