Graphic Design & Illustration

Cameron Kessenich

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I have a natural passion for creating things, but It took me a while to realize where my skills lied. I shifted from wanting to be an engineer to wanting to pursue a career in computer science, but I eventually settled on studying design and illustration. My approach to design is to begin with an abstract idea and then define rules to follow. I think great design is a balancing act between creativity and restraint and I design best when I’m bouncing ideas around with a team of people.

The Nitty Gritty

The Nitty Gritty has always been an iconic landmark in the Madison area, but I felt like the styling of it's menu deserved an upgrade to better match the restaurant's feel. I preserved all of the original menu's text but introduced wood and metal type as a through line to keep with the "gritty" handcrafted feel that the restaurant's name implies.


I chose to create a sales-focused sister website for Okuma Fishing because I wanted to experiment with something more technical and elaborate than my previous projects and Okuma's brand fit the bill. I spent a while creating the website's blueprint because I wanted something that felt purposeful and practical, but also stretched the boundaries. I decided to structure the website around combining items for a "combo discount" because it only felt natural to couple fishing rods with reels.

Bob's Bitchin' BBQ

In just a few years I have watched Bob's BBQ evolve into a fully-fledged business, so I felt an obligation to help continue it's evolution in my own way. Since Bob's BBQ is as bitchin' as the name implies, I felt it was necessary to carry that feeling through my design by making it as brazen as possible while still feeling handmade and well-crafted.