Graphic Design & Illustration

Katrina Mara

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Creating things has been my passion since I was a child. I have always been a maker, finder, and collector of objects. I love to design the old fashioned way and then see what I can do in digital formats. I have a fine art background in ceramics and painting which I enjoy lending towards graphic design applications. When I am not practicing some form of art, I am an avid nature enthusiast, travel afficionado, and friend to all animals, especially my two cats and horses.

Feather Print Design

A whimsically versatile print that could be used on apparel, as a coloring book, or with the feather elements applied singly, this piece could do many jobs.

Company Branding Project

Cafe Camille is a concept French bistro in New Orleans that combines the sophistication of French style with modern New Orleans creole culture. The restaurant itself is also a gallery, with shelves above to house sculpture in honor of its namesake, French sculptor, Camille Claudel. You would find yourself in a casual, fine dining atmosphere with jazzy, local music every weekend.

Magazine Ad

Grown in the gardens of a small North Freedom, Wisconsin farm, the ingredients of Four Elements products are organic and safe for the environment. They treat your skin and delight the senses. This ad is meant to show the truly cultivated nature of the product(s).

Package Redesign

Plain and patriotic did not fit this comfortable, casual shoe by Tony Lama western boots. It needed a lighter, more airy, and trendy box, while still retaining a western flair. Desert flowers came to mind in a soft watercolor palette.

Wild West Poster

Yee-haw! Devil-May-Care Dora is a character inspired by both Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane from Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show of the late 1800's. She is gutsy, flashy, and one heck of a rider. This poster was entirely hand-lettered and illustrated, and colorized in Photoshop.