Graphic Design & Illustration

Nicole Jacobson

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"Be faithful to that which exists within yourself" - Joseph Campbell. Finding what exists within myself is something that came to me later in life, after a 10 year career in the medical field I was suffocating. I found my passion and zest for life when I discovered graphic design. I found my place, my people. I love so many things about design especially that it is always evolving, changing, and trending. I get bored easily and I am always excited to try and learn new things. If I am not trackside with my dirtbikin' boys I am feeding my passion to create. I have also found a love for photography through this program, which has been a blessing for me. I enjoy incorporating my own photos in my work as much as possible. The future is bright, and I am excited for what lies ahead! Thanks for looking!

The Future - Thor Motocross Rider Spotlight

Every pro was once an amateur, every expert was once a beginner. So dream big, and PIN IT. I chose to incorporate one of my passions (dirt bikes) and an iconic brand to create a rider spotlight editorial piece. Using my son as the featured rider along with my own photos and created a promotional piece that has a style of its own. I enjoyed using color blocking and transparency to create the image style.